FREE DMV Permit Practice Test for everyone

This driving test will help you prepare for a real exam that usually scares all students. Be stronger and bolder – test yourself! The modern DMV practice test of the model of involves 30 questions but you don’t even need to answer each of them: 24 correct answers are enough, that is, 80%, to get your long-awaited driver’s license. Getting ready for a permit test practice on a computer or a good old paper test? This preparation will definitely not go unnoticed for you; moreover, we will always remind you that you need to have $5 in cash with you to pay the fee. According to the laws of our state, at the age of 15, you can get your first driver’s license, with the help of which you can experience a new and interesting thing – driving. Just take your test based on the knowledge gained from the manuals and don’t worry about anything. This test contains 30 questions – answer 80% and consider that your driver’s license is already yours!

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