MVD Practice Test – free DMV permit test for everyone

Are you planning to take a driving license exam? An excellent choice! A driver’s license gives you incredible freedom of movement but each type of license has its own nuances. This permit test has been specially designed for those who want to take the motorcycle license test. Of course, such a test cannot affect the practical part of your skills but it will perfectly help with preparation for a real DMV driving test. All questions in the test are based on the official motorcycle-driving manual based on the laws of state of Arizona.

To get the best result, we strongly recommend that you first read the manual, and then work through the test questions – so the probability of correct answers is much higher. In the test, you will find 25 questions, each of which has a choice of answers. It’s not that hard – you have to choose one of four options. For your convenience, we have added a hint option to help you make the right choice. However, it is important to remember that there can be no clues on a real exam, so use your knowledge wisely. Answer at least 21 of 25 questions and the license is yours!

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