DMV Practice Test – driver’s license test for free for everyone

This September, the DMV test was completely revamped specifically for Californian residents. It now covers a lot of new information, like the 40 most popular and frequently seen road signs. Also, all the rules from it are taken directly from the official driving manual for Californian roads. With this DMV written test, you can fully prepare for a real exam because this sample is similar to a real one in everything – from the type of questions to the design of the test. To make your exam preparation more productive, we’ve added hints and explanations to each question that you can use to help you remember the information better.

The questions contain information about traffic rules, related laws and the right behavior on the road – all this you need to know in order to get your driver’s license and safely become part of the car community. It is enough to answer 83% of the questions for the test to be passed successfully – these are 38 out of 46 questions or 30 out of 36, depending on the type of test for your age. Use this test to brush up your knowledge or deepen it. We ask you not to cheat because it is in your best interest!

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