Connecticut CDL General Knowledge Test

If you are afraid of the upcoming written exam for the driving license, then you should try our online practical driving test. During it, you’ll be able to review all questions that are a part of the real exam. During one session of testing, not all of those questions will be presented to you, of course, but as you retake the DMV test, their set will change by updating, so you will be able to eventually embrace many questions and answers to them.

This test is designed in easy and concise language so everyone can focus on the correct answers, not on the intricacies of the language. So, even if your English is bad or not native, there are high chances you won’t have any problems with understanding questions and answers.

Inside of the DMV written test, there are 50 questions offering multiple-choice answers, including hints and clues to help you should you have doubts.

Good luck with your practice!

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