A motorcycle practice test for Georgian residents

Everyone who wants to obtain a license to operate a motorcycle has to pass the Georgia Motorcycle Endorsement Practice Exam (GMEPE). The test is quite humble in the number of offered questions – only 25 of them. During the driver’s license test, you will have to answer them selecting one of many given answers (multiple choice from 4 possible answers in each question). In order to prepare yourself for the upcoming test, you have to thoroughly study the Motorcycle Operator Manual, which has everything a cyclist in Georgia needs to know to operate this type of vehicle.

To make it as easy for you as possible, every question contains a hint of an answer, which is here to help you choose. Remember that there are no hints on the real exam. After every previous question is correctly answered, a person undertaking a test is forwarded to the next question. In case of the successful passage of the entirety of the DMV test matter, an individual is given the result of passage (in %). To pass it, you don’t have to make this DMV written test 100% successful – only 21 out of 25 make it passable.

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