DMV driver’s practice test for free

The test, which allows you to obtain a valid driver’s license is called a DMV test, which is made in a written form (including using a computer to pass it). The test consists of 40 questions and is obligatory for those who receive a license for the first time in their life and for ones, whose license has expired 25 months and more (in this case, the license stops its validity). The main source of knowledge for road and traffic rules and signs is the Idaho Driver’s Manual. Everything a regular driver needs to know to drive a vehicle in this state is in this handbook: rules of road behavior, signs, traffic rules, situations, markings, vehicle laws, and many others – all, however, based on the Idaho Driver’s Manual.

In order to successfully pass the state’s exam, from 40 questions, a person has to correctly answer 34, which is 85% of all. The minimum age to apply for the testing is 14.5 years old but before the age of 18, a person will not gain a full (adult) driving license.

The test we offer you to pass now contains all the same questions that are possible to meet on the real exam, as they are the same based on the source officials use to make their questions: the Idaho Driver’s Manual. And although using this test, a person won’t be capable of passing the permit test practice, which is made in a real car, it is completely possible to pass the knowledge DMV practice test, which is made on a computer.

This driving test is perfect for the following categories:

• Senior citizens

• Future drivers of 18 and over

• Future learners below 18

• Those who want to renew their license.

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