The general knowledge test for Idaho residents wanting to drive commercial vehicles

This free test will help you gain more confidence during the real exam for obtaining a driver’s license to drive commercial vehicles. The short name of this practical driving test is CDL. Obtaining a license like this, you will be able to drive cargo cars, which transport fresh produce, livestock, liquids, and solid goods, grocery, and everything other that is moved commercially from producers to stores. The CDL practice test is the largest of all exams for drivers in the state, as it contains 50 questions, and the passable result is giving 40 correct answers (80% of all).

All the questions within are based on the Commercial Driver’s License Manual for Idaho, which are the same can be met on the real exam. The array of questions will cover all topics of driving: road rules and signs, dealing with ice on the road, drunken driving, parking, cargo moving, and others. Keep practicing with our free DMV practice test and you’ll get rid of the fear of a real exam!

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