BMV practice test for residents of Indiana

In Indiana, everyone who desires to obtain a learner’s permit has to be 16 or older, pass the knowledge test and a vision test. Those under 16 but older than 14 have to have a certificate of enrollment to a driving education program. The procedure looks quite simple. Despite that, some people are afraid of the knowledge test – namely, that they can fail. Surely, it is not that easy to pass 50 questions, where 42 of them have to be correctly answered (84%). The exam is divided into two sections of questions: road rules and road signs. There are 34 questions in the first part and 16 are in the second. If you fail, then you can retake the test on the next working day.

However, if you need to withdraw your fear of failure, you should use our DMV driving test online, which contains similar questions as on the actual exam. The goodness of this driver’s license test online is that it is free and you can retake it in the same day for as many times as you need to regain your confidence.

The DMV test online is perfectly suitable for:

• people obtaining their driver’s license for the first time

• ones that renew their license

• learners

• elderly citizens who refresh their knowledge.

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