The DMV permit practice test

Everyone aspiring to gain a license of a driver or a permit of a learner in Kansas must successfully undergo a written DMV test. All questions therein are based on the Handbook for drivers in the state of Kansas. This test we’re speaking about is otherwise known to people under several other names: DMV permit test, DMV driving test, or simply a driver’s exam. With an eye to succeed, you have to answer correctly at least 20 answers from 25.

It is possible to have a learner’s permit, which allows a person to drive a car, from the age of 14. But it is not until 18 that he or she may get an adult driver’s license. There are two pieces a person needs to pass: a written test and a vision test. On the written exam, there will be such questions as the safety of driving, rules of the road, vehicle laws, drunken driving, road situations, and others. A learner will obtain a permit for 10 dollars in general, while a regular fee for adults is $12-20 depending on the age. Another 11-dollar fee is applied to all drivers for testing and a photo.

In order to be prepared for an official exam, one has to learn the manual from cover to cover and practice in our online tests, which are as close to the real exam as possible. Maybe you will even meet there exactly the same questions.

The tests are fitting for:

• learners

• senior citizens refreshing their skills

• adults receiving the license for the first time and renewing it.

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