The OMV practice test in Louisiana

Do you want to take a free online driving test to check your current level of knowledge of traffic rules and road signs? We have elaborated many of them to make you thoroughly prepare for the upcoming DMV practice test on the real exam. It is always a hard thing to learn a zillion of existing rules, limitations, and requirements but together with our extensive permit test practice online, you will be much calmer on the real exam.

Do not worry about mistakes – most of our tests have effective hints on the correct answer. Even if you fail, you can always re-run the test and try to pass it better this time. Every time the set of questions and answers shuffle so you see other ones – just like on the real exam!

From 40 submitted questions, you have to correctly answer 32 (that is, 80% of the total). They include local Louisiana rules of road, traffic, signs, situations, regulations, and requirements for a vehicle. The Louisiana Drivers’ Guide of completely covers everything one needs to know. Every one of 15 years and older is capable of undergoing the program to obtain the license. When you’re appearing on your exam and you’re of this age, you should bring along the certificate from the driving course confirming the fulfillment of the study program, a birth certificate, ID, social security number, and the certificate proving the school attendance.

The tests are for:

• learners below 18

• adults of 18+

• seniors.

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