The OMV test for motorcyclists in Louisiana

The official name for a cyclist license in Louisiana is the Louisiana’s Motorcycle Endorsement (LME). Desiring to receive the LME, one should pass an exam, which submits twenty-five points, correctly answering twenty (80%). The minimum age to try to officially gain the motorcycle permit test is sixteen. The driver’s license tests that we have on our website will help you correctly prepare for the upcoming test, which you might be nervous about.

To withdraw fear and nervousness, we offer you to undergo our free practical driving tests, which you can start and end as many times as you need to regain confidence.

The test includes some general questions but mostly ones about motorcyclists’ behavior on the road, including road signs and traffic rules. Although you won’t have any help in the real exam, here, online, you will see hints that are designed to help you make the choice of the correct answer. Good luck!

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