The MVA practice test for citizens of Maryland

Maryland State has one of the strictest rules of passing the driving test, as it obliges people to gain at least 88% of correct answers to get the driving license (22 correct replies from 25 in total). The minimum age is 15 years and 9 months to apply for the DMV practice test in the state exam. The same as in many other states, the type of driver’s permit is defined by the age of a person and the type of vehicle one wants to drive. In order to qualify for the learner’s license (for people under 18), one has to pass the DMV written test for knowledge and a vision test. The learner’s license is only valid for 24 months, after which you have to apply for another or – which is more practical – to apply for an adult driver’s license.

Our online DMV permit tests, which you can endlessly practice for free, will allow you to get the hand-on experience of examination and to free from fear for it. We wish you good luck in passing your test from the first attempt!

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