Permit practice DOS test for Michigan residents

For those attempting to get a driver’s license under 18 in Michigan, there are tests known as the learners permit tests. The license in this case is called ‘level 1’. This test includes 80 questions and only 70% of them (56) have to be correctly answered. To be able to pass this driving test, a person must be at least 14 years and 9 months. The entire set of questions is based on the Michigan Driver’s Manual and everything one needs to know is contained therein. Taking the knowledge test is an inseparable part of the educational program.

If you’re afraid of the real DMV written test, then it is advisable to take our online tests, which you can pass as many times as you feel comfortable. Passing them over and over, you will see a different set of questions each time, which makes them close to real-life conditions.

The tests are suitable for:

• learners under 18

• people over 18 who try to get their driver’s license for the first time or to renew it

• elderly citizens who would like to refresh their knowledge.

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