Permit practice test DPS – for residents of Mississippi

To get your driver’s license in this state, one shall pass the DMV permit test having 30 questions. 24 correct answers make a passable result (80%), so it shouldn’t be that hard to succeed, especially given that all questions in the real-life test are solely based on the Mississippi driver’s manual. This manual is the only handbook one needs to study to pass the DMV driver’s license test.

However, we realize that many people would like to pass some sort of replacement for this test to check their knowledge upfront. Some address to their relatives or friends who have the driver’s license to have a crosscheck but many resort to our online learners permit test. It can be passed as many times, as one needs to feel confident and can be run at a convenient time for free.

This test suits those categories of people:

• future drivers under the age of 18 to get their learner’s permit

• people of 18 and older who strive to receive their first driving license or to renew the expired one

• elderly citizens who need to refresh their knowledge.

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