A free test for Montana’s motorcyclists

All operators of motorcycles in the state of Montana are obliged to have a Montana Motorcycle Endorsement. The basic manual that contains all knowledge necessary to know by a motorcycle driver is called Montana Motorcycle Supplement. All the questions of the state exam and our online motorcycle permit tests are solely based on this handbook. So the first thing you need to do in order to obtain your license is to study this book from a cover to cover.

The set of questions is 25 and the passable result is 20 (which are 80% of the total). The DMV test will include questions about operating and checking a motorcycle, road signs and situations, and other relevant things. The DMV permit test for motorcyclists contains multiple-choice answers, where only 1 is correct out of 4.

The hints that are implemented on the level of the software will allow all users of the DMV practice test to pick a correct answer and to better memorize the information. Remember that there will be no hints on the real-life exam, and the passage of the online tests does not guarantee you the passage of the state exam. Thus, practice more and good luck!

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