The DMV permit practice test for the drivers in Nevada

Everyone can enroll in a program of receiving the valid driver’s test in the state of Nevada – even those who are 15 years and 6 months young. You have to pass the DMV test online to receive your license by correctly answering 20 questions from 25 presented (the passable score is 80%).

The main and only sufficient document to study from cover to cover is the NV driver’s license manual. All state exam questions are based on it, so as our questions in every practical driving test. The permit test practice that we offer you to pass online on our website will have hints and clues, following which, it will be easier for you to pick the correct answer. Remember that only we give you such clues – they will be absent in the real exam.

The tests, which you are free to undergo at any time of the day, will ask you such things as traffic signs, demerit point system, insurance requirements, safe driving, seatbelt laws, pedestrian safety, and road situations. Every person under 18 has to complete 50 hours of narrated behind-the-wheel experience and provide a batch of documents to enroll in the real test. Our online versions, however, don’t require anything from you but the Internet connection and a PC/phone to proceed.

Good luck!

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