The CDL general knowledge test for Nevada drivers

When someone wants to operate a commercial vehicle to deliver various products to the places of their sell or doing other types of business, in the state of Nevada, he or she must obtain a commercial driving license. To do that, one has to successfully pass the state’s DMV test online, which is otherwise called as the CDL practice test.

During the test, a person will be offered 50 questions with multiple choices. One has to give at least 40 correct answers (80% of the total) to pass the exam. The driver’s license test can be re-run in the case of failure but in order to avoid it at all, we offer everyone interested to pass our specifically elaborated test, which includes everything a driver of a commercial vehicle has to know. The source of information is the Nevada Commercial Driver License Manual, which you need to thoroughly study before taking the exam. If you fail in our test, you can rerun it at any time and run it for as many times as you feel necessary to gain confidence for the real exam. Practice with us, and good luck!

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