The MVC Practice permit test for drivers in New Jersey

Every one of 16 and over can enroll in a program of receiving a driver’s license in New Jersey. The learners permit test, which will be presented to future drivers, consists of 50 questions. In order to pass it, one has to give at least 80% of correct answers (which is 40). The practical driving test is given to every future driver by the state’s commission in order to allow or deny granting the driver’s license. For those under 17, there are obligatory training courses, the graduation of which will open the way to the state’s DMV test. People over 17 may skip the graduation of these courses but they still have to pass the knowledge test and vision test.

Everything you need to know to successfully pass the exam is contained in the New Jersey Driver’s Manual. There is a special manual for all types of vehicles one ponders to drive: regular cars, commercial cars, and motorcycles, so pick the one you need.

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