Permit Practice test for residents of the state of New York

This test is great for:

• learners (under age of 18)

• adults receiving their driving license for the first time in their lives and ones wishing to renew it

• elderly citizens refreshing their knowledge.

The permit test consists of 20 questions and only 14 of them (70%) have to be correctly answered to get your valid driver’s license. The minimum age to submit to the program is 16 years. After the successful passage of the DMV permit test, you can have a learner’s permit (valid for 5 years) or an adult driving license. The DMV driving test includes multiple-choice answers, where only 1 out of 4 is correct. The questions will embrace such topics as road signs and situations, pedestrian safety, vehicle inspection, and safe speed, in addition to other questions that arise from the valid New York Driver’s Manual. Study this handbook before trying to pass the test, as it is a great source of information for all tests – on this website and in the real exam.

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