The DMV Motorcycle permit tests

The driving test online that you should pass in order to receive a permit to drive a motorcycle is based in its questions on the New York Motorcycle Manual. So we also base our online road signs tests and motorcycle permit tests on this handbook to be in line with what’s gonna be in the exam. There will be a small number of questions asked, only 20, and you will have to give correct answers to 14 of them (70%) or order to pass.

Be sure to study the given manual before attempting to pass the DMV driving test because it contains all knowledge you need, including practical and theoretical.

In the test on our website, there are hints, which you should use when you aren’t sure in the correct answer. There will be no hints in the real exam, though!

The test is straightforward – as soon as you give an answer, you proceed to another until the end. If you’re mistaken, you are shown the right answer, which you should memorize for future use.

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