Permit Practice tests for drivers of North Dakota

The positive difference of this state is that the age of learners who can enroll in the state exam to get their driver’s license is only 14 – the lowest in the country (together with a small handful of other states allowing such a small age). The level of passability is 80% of questions (20 from 25 in total). When a person is under 18, a person must pass the DMV written test in the state exam, completing the multiple-choice test. The learner’s license is obtained as the result is valid for 1 year. After that time, a person has to opt for another permit test, which will produce another driving license. The entire set of fees to pay to gain your license is 25 dollars – but you do not need to pay to pass our driving tests online located on the website. Simply run them in a convenient time for you and gain more confidence in your skills.

This test is applicable to all categories of drivers:

• learners below 18

• adults of 18 and older desiring to receive or renew their license

• senior citizens refreshing their knowledge.

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