The DOT motorcycle practice test

The operator of the motorcycle has to carefully learn the North Dakota Department of Transportation Motorcycle Operator Manual. This is the main and only document serving as the source of information and questions for road signs test, which all cyclists will undertake to gain their driver’s license. The motorcycle permit test contains 25 questions, out of which 20 have to be correctly answered (80%) in order to pass.

The questions inside of the practical driving test for motorcyclists will help you be prepared for the real-life state exam, which may have the same or similar questions, as it is based on the already mentioned Manual, the same as we do. This will not guarantee you the passage of the state exam but it will make you thoroughly prepared for it. Every time you retake our online test, the set of questions will change, making it possible for you to find out the questions and be ready to answer them in the future.

Good luck with your exam!

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