The DOT practice permit for the residents of Pennsylvania

The presented driving tests are great for:

1) Learners below 18

2) Adults wanting to receive their driver’s license

3) Adults wanting to update their expired driver’s license

4) Seniors.

A person can be of the minimum age of 16 to pass the test for a driving license. Everyone undertaking this DMV practice test has to answer at least 15 from 18 questions correctly (the passable score is 83%).

Before taking the exam, be sure to study the PA DOT Drivers Handbook Manual very carefully. This handbook is the source of all questions that are asked in the exam, and we also base our permit tests practice on this handbook. So there is a huge chance that you will meet the same questions in the exam as you find in our tests. To make it as close to real life as possible, we made sure the set of questions change each time you re-take tests.

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