Tests for motorcycle operators in Pennsylvania

How to get the source information for motorcyclists in the state of Pennsylvania? Try studying the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Operator Manual. This handbook is the only and main source of all traffic and road information that is going to be asked on the state exam. And in order to prepare for it, you should take one of our motorcycle permit tests, which we offer you for free on our website.

The learners permit test contains 20 questions, and a person has to give at least 16 correct answers to pass it (which is 80%). If you are unsure of what answer to pick, then resort to hints that are programmatically implemented to help you out. Pay attention that no hints are present on the real-life DMV test.

Our online tests are made to allow people to regain their confidence in knowledge and to avoid any possible fear of the real exam. Start and use our tests at any time of the day – it is free and does not oblige you to anything. You only have to be Internet-connected to pass it.

Good luck!

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