The DMV practice test for Tennessee drivers

Every one of 15 and older can enroll in this driver’s license test to obtain a valid driver’s license. The score to pass the DMV test is only 80% (24 from 30 questions in total). The test is suitable for such categories of drivers in the state:

• Learners below 18

• Adults of 18 and over receiving their first license in life

• Adults of 18 and over renewing their expired license

• Senior citizens of Tennessee who’s refreshing their knowledge.

Tennessee’s Driver License Service Centers offer everyone interested to undertake the state’s DMV written test and to receive a valid license as they pass it. But there may be some restrictive factors for some people:

• fear of failure

• uncertainty in own powers

• they’re scared that they haven’t learned everything they had to.

Withdrawing all these restrictive factors is pretty easy by taking our free online tests, which can be re-run in the case of failure as many times as needed. Their additional advantage is that a learner is free to take some hints to determine the correct answer for the practical driving test (this option is withdrawn in the real exam).

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