DLD Utah permit practice test

The test will suit all four existing categories of Utah drivers by age: learners (under 18), adults (18+) obtaining their first license or refreshing the existing one, and seniors who refresh their knowledge before the proper driving test. You will meet 50 questions, while 40 correctly answered are perfectly enough to pass it (80%). This is a pretty mild result. However, many people are afraid of passing the test because they are afraid of failure, doubt their knowledge, and afraid of the exam in general.

Everything mentioned can be withdrawn by really deep learning of the Utah Driver Handbook. Every our free DMV practice test, as well as the state exam, is based on this handbook. If you will positively study it from cover to cover, you will have the entire basis for the successful passage of the official practical driving test.

The test contains multiple-choice answers (4 are given and only 1 is correct). The minimum age to sign for the exam is 15 but it is not until 18 that you will have a full-fledged adult license (in the age between 15 and 18, a person will be holding a learner’s permit).

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