Free practice tests for a motorcycle license in Washington

A DMV driving test is a serious challenge for every learner, who is going to drive a motorcycle. If you take your time to get absolutely ready, you will have a chance to pass the DMV written test from the first attempt. There are all important areas for the motorcycle operation covered including the road signs, traffic rules, local laws, and other issues. The motorcycle permit tests are created on the basis of the Motorcycle Operators Manual. Thus, they are identical to the real exam and are able to give you an idea of the challenge you are going to face. There are 25 questions in each questionnaire. To get a passing score, it’s required to give at least 21 correct responses. There are additional options provided for the learners. Thus, you can use optional hints when facing difficult questions. When you make a mistake, you will see a short explanation to fill the gaps in the knowledge. Take your chance to prepare for the real exam and good luck!

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