The DOT practice test for drivers in Wyoming

The driving test you see here is suitable for these categories of drivers:

1) Elderly citizens who need to undergo a refresher test

2) Adults gaining their license for the 1st time or renewing it

3) Learners under 18 aiming to take the learner’s permit test.

If you belong to any of these categories, you are free to apply our free DMV practice tests to test your skills and knowledge before enrolling in a real-life state exam. The exam only includes 25 questions. 80% of them have to be correctly answered (20) and the minimum age to enroll is 15 years. The official document that you have to study is the Wyoming Rules of the Road Driver License Manual. It contains all knowledge you will be asked during the exam and that you will be applying when on the road. The DMV test online is currently available only in English. For learners, to get their license, there is a demand to pass a vision test and to bring a medical clearance list.

The DOT online test that we offer on the website here will make you assuredly prepared for the real exam, as it contains the same or very similar questions to ones that you will meet in the exam.

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